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Magnetic Attraction Night Lamp

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For safe transportation,we will take out the batteries, thank you for your understanding.






Product Model: MJYD02YL


Product Size: 80mm*62mm


Product Net Weight: 191g


Color Temperature: 2800K


Brightness: low  Gear 31lm, High Gear 25lm


Sensor: human body infrared sensor + light sensor


Life time: up to 8 months, low grade for about 15 months


Power Supply Mode: 3 Pieces 5th batteries


Working Temperature: -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C


Rated Power: 0.34W


Input Voltage: 4.5V


Package Includes: 1x Mijia Night Light, 1x Chinese Manual






-Innovative magnetic structure for easy access


The new night lamp is connected by innovative magnetic absorption structure design. The independent lamp body is firmly adsorbed on the base with a gentle release and can be removed with a slight effort when needed. In the darkness, a soft light holds in your hand, illuminating the surroundings so that you can move forward safely.




-Stick or stand, multi-scene placement, let the light fall where it should be.




-360 degree rotating stereo light, flexible adjustment, illuminate every darkness


The combination of hemispherical lamp and magnetic absorption structure brings 360 degree freely adjustable stereo light. Smart lighting, dispel the darkness in every corner.




-Dual brightness is adjustable

low gear is gentle and gentle, high gear is clear and bright


Mijia Night Light 2 supports adjustable brightness in both positions. The low gear is suitable for getting up at night, gentle and not glaring; the high gear is suitable for dim lighting and easy to illuminate the surrounding environment.









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